CHUCHUMAI in Hindi is a woman who makes a lot of noise. CHUCHUMAI is also the nickname given to designer, Ruchika, by her father when she was 2 years old. He still calls her that to this date. 

          Born in New York, into a family with extensive experience in manufacturing, CHUCHUMAI's Ruchika has been around fabrics ever since she can remember. Her memories of exploring fabrics being dyed and cut, visiting local markets, choosing trims and performing quality control, all played a role in the creation of CHUCHUMAI. The name CHUCHUMAI embodies not only the character and personality of Ruchika, but also the message she hopes to deliver through her designs and products. Using special hand woven fabrics, CHUCHUMAI's creations are in fact voices of the strong women who weave them in villages around the world.